Class MessageSender

All Implemented Interfaces:
KbMessageHandler, java.lang.Runnable,

public class MessageSender
extends Kaariboga

The MessageSender agent sends a message to all agents on the base server.

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Inner classes inherited from class org.kaariboga.core.Kaariboga
Kaariboga.FireEventThread, Kaariboga.FireMessageThread
Fields inherited from class org.kaariboga.core.Kaariboga
base, destination, kaaribogaListener, messageListener, name
Constructor Summary
MessageSender(java.lang.String name)
          Just initialize the super class.
Method Summary
 void run()
          Sends a message to all agents on this base and destroys itself.
Methods inherited from class org.kaariboga.core.Kaariboga
addKaaribogaListener, addKaaribogaMessageListener, fireDestroyRequest, fireDispatchRequest, fireKaaribogaMessage, fireSleepRequest, getDestination, getName, handleMessage, onArrival, onAwake, onCreate, onDestroy, onDispatch, onSleep, setBase, toString
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Constructor Detail


public MessageSender(java.lang.String name)
Just initialize the super class.
name - The name of the agent. This name has to be unique. Normally the KaaribogaBase class provides some method to generate a unique name.
Method Detail


public void run()
Sends a message to all agents on this base and destroys itself.
run in class Kaariboga