Class Kaariboga.FireEventThread

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class Kaariboga.FireEventThread
extends java.lang.Thread

Fires kaariboga events to the kaaribogaListener. This thread is needed to fire events in an asynchronous way. Asynchronous event firering should be done because result of an event could be destruction of the kaariboga. Also some reactions to these events could be time consuming.

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Field Summary
private  KaaribogaEvent event
          The event that has to be fired.
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Constructor Summary
Kaariboga.FireEventThread(KaaribogaEvent e)
Method Summary
 void run()
          Checks the events id and calls the appropriate method of the event listener.
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Field Detail


private KaaribogaEvent event
The event that has to be fired.
Constructor Detail


public Kaariboga.FireEventThread(KaaribogaEvent e)
e - The event that has to be fired.
Method Detail


public void run()
Checks the events id and calls the appropriate method of the event listener.
run in class java.lang.Thread