Class SendMessageThread

All Implemented Interfaces:

class SendMessageThread
extends java.lang.Thread

Sends a KaaribogaMessage to another base.

Field Summary
(package private)  KaaribogaMessage message
          message to send
private  KbMessageHandler messageHandler
          Message handler for errors in case the sending fails.
private  java.util.Collection sendingThreads
          Threads, that are currently sending messages.
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Constructor Summary
SendMessageThread(KaaribogaMessage msg, KbMessageHandler handler, java.util.Collection senders)
          Creates a thread that sends a message to another host.
Method Summary
 void run()
          Send the message through a socket connection.
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Field Detail


KaaribogaMessage message
message to send


private java.util.Collection sendingThreads
Threads, that are currently sending messages. This class adds and removes itself to the collection, because it knows best when to do it.


private KbMessageHandler messageHandler
Message handler for errors in case the sending fails.
Constructor Detail


public SendMessageThread(KaaribogaMessage msg,
                         KbMessageHandler handler,
                         java.util.Collection senders)
Creates a thread that sends a message to another host. The message must contain the receiver's address!
msg - The message to send.
handler - A KbMessageHandler to handle error messages
senders - Collection of currently sending threads
Method Detail


public void run()
Send the message through a socket connection.
run in class java.lang.Thread