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Bugs, Traps and Pitfalls

  1. Versions 0.6, 0.61, 0.62: List of open windows does not appear in the Window menu. Looks like the new Delphi fixes some of the old bugs and introduces new ones.
  2. Pressing CTRL+A wrecks the Syntax Highlighting.
  3. There are still problems with the Ispell interface. It is likely that some texts could crash the TeXShell. If you run into this problem, please send us a copy of the text (or better just a few lines that do the crash). Before check if Ispell is working without the TeXShell. Ispell produces undocumented output some times and we need the information.
  4. On some Windows systems a line disappears (and reappears when you just continue to type) when it gets too long for the visible window size. This bugs depends on the version of Riched32.dll, which comes with the Windows operating system. It appears in conjunction with Riched32.dll dated Dez.14.96, on systems with the older Riched32.dll dated Sep.5.96 all works fine.
  5. In some cases a file may be opened two times, because the TeXShell can't distinguish between DOS and Windows file names which may be different for the same file.
  6. From version 0.51 you may be running into trouble if you are using programs that rely on Unix style pathnames with slashes instead of a backslashes. If such programs are still in use, please send a mail and we will provide you with the appropriate placeholders to call them from within the texshell.
  7. Syntax highlighting is far from complete, but allready very usefull.
  8. Please don't use word wrap when editing text. This feature is only included to help you reading files with long lines. Long lines can cause some TeX configurations to crash. Also the line numbers that TeX uses won't be the same as in the edit window. Use half automatic line breaks instead.
  9. The size of the text buffer is fixed to file size + 100 000 bytes. That means you can't add more than 100 000 charactes at once.
  10. Don't forget to activate the network option in the ini file if you use the texshell in a network environment. Otherwise the texshell will crash if the ini file is rite protected.
  11. If you open a file from the command line the texshell recognizes % signs as placeholders. This can cause some trouble if you use % signs in your filenames.
  12. Sometimes text fonts and colors do not immediately change if the user changes them.

Strange Bugs

Some users reported strange bugs, we could not reproduce. Send a mail, if one of these problems show up on your computer. Please tell us your operating system and it's version number.

Note, that the bug reports will be removed, if they stay here for a longer time and are not reported again, because we have to assume that the problem was not caused by the texshell. One bug for example turned out to be a hardware fault.

  1. Feb.2000: One user reported that the first character of a paragraph appears in another font.
  2. Feb.2000: One user reported that the TeXShell sometimes starts with an older file instead of the last recent one.
  3. Oct.1999: One user can't start the spell checker and the dialog for the spell checker causes a fault sometimes.
  4. Oct.1999: One user has a problem with the installation on a Windows NT Terminalserver. The TeXShell only works if users are granted advanced file control. Other programs suffer from the same problem. We are working on this one. Any comments?
  5. One user reported that the TeXShell always runs on top of all other programs. This seems to be a windows problem.

Strange Bugs of the Past

  1. Oct.1999: One user reported that he could no longer open files after TeXing.
    This was caused by a damaged Windows installation.
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Dirk Struve, 2006-03-17