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Directory Structure

Looking into the /org/kaariboga directory, you will find the directorys:
  1. agents. This directory contains all agents. It is likely, that there will be a subdirectory structure in the future, if the number of agents increases. See chapter 3 to learn how to program agents.
  2. boserver stands for base online server. The server is used to build up a domain of several kaariboga servers. This version is more of a demonstration than a usefull program. It has severe weaknesses and must be redesigned in the future.
  3. config contains configuration files for the servers and a policy file for security settings.
  4. core. This is, where all the important classes are. Everything that is needed for handling agents resides in this directory.
  5. server contains the boga server, an agent server with a graphical user interface. The important things are done by the classes from the core directory.
  6. serverapplet is intended for a kaariboga server that runs as an applet in a web browser. Not used at the moment.

Dirk 2002-09-01