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Core Directory

The core directory is the most important, because it contains all relevant classes for handling agents. The most important are:
  1. Kaariboga. This is the base class for all agents. All implementations of agents should extend this class.
  2. KaaribogaBase provides the functionality neccessary for a server. It is capable of sending agents from host to host, provides a communication mechanism between agents and manages the agents themselfes. Real implementations of servers should use this class.
  3. KaaribogaClassLoader gets the agent bytecodes from the filesystem or other hosts and loads the agents into the JVM.
  4. KaaribogaMessage. All communications within the Kaariboga system are handled using this type of message. It can contain arbitrary content.
Besides these important classes, the core directory contains some helper classes and classes and interfaces to handle the events.

Dirk 2002-09-01