Tazuna Website Builder

Frequently Asked Questions

Licensing is complicated. May I use Tazuna for my work to create websites?


Tazuna's version number is so low. Is it already usable?

Yes. To me a version number 1.0 means: Feature complete and stable. A version number below 1.0 means: It is still not feature complete and not thoroughly tested.

However I use Tazuna myself and all documented features should work.

Something does not work. What should I do?

Please check for common mistakes first:

  1. Check for typos. This is the most common source for errors.
  2. In content files dont't start a placeholder on the first position of a line unless you want to define the content of that placeholder.
  3. Delete the contents of the output directory and run Tazuna again. Often some files are renamed and the old ones remain in the out-directory.
  4. When you use book-placeholders, Tazuna must be run two times, because the first run only creates new content files.
  5. When using a lot of Creole markup, you might get exceptions, because the stack size is too small. Try java -Xss8m -jar tazuna.jar ... or java -server -jar tazuna.jar ...

If problems still remain, contact me.

What does Tazuna mean?

Built with Tazuna.