Tazuna Website Builder

What is Tazuna?

Tazuna is a template engine for the creation and maintenance of static websites. One user referred to it as the run flat tire among the website tools.


  1. Clean separation between content and design through content and template files.
  2. Full control over HTML source code.
  3. Works out of the box. No data base and no webserver necessary.
  4. No configuration necessary. Tazuna relies on the file system structure and simple naming conventions.
  5. Support for Creole markup.
  6. Powerfull scripting extensions through the Python programming language.
  7. Implemented in Java. Should run on every platform that supports Java.


  1. Fast: Static webpages are fast. There is no need for data base searches every time the page is called. Users are impatient. On the web every second counts.
  2. Easy: Once the site layout is created in HTML it is possible to maintain the site using the far more easier Creole markup.
  3. Secure: There is no need for a data base and / or a content management system (CMS). So two possible security risks are eleminated.
  4. Reliable: I often stumble upon pages displaying Data Base Error. Data bases and CMSs are usually big programs that contain errors. Tazuna does not need any of them.
  5. Low maitainance costs: No need to spend time on data base and CMS configuration and management.
  6. Human readable URLs: Have you ever seen a web address like ladue487dfhkaldkj7383ajdh378dkjfha3e83djhaklhd? Hard to remember, difficult to send to a friend an a good way to ruin page rankings at search engines. There is no need for such junk.
  7. Future safe: Tazuna content files are extremely easy to read and to parse. If you use Creole markup, they are just plain text files in your file system. If you want to drop Tazuna one day, you still have your data. Ever tried to get your data out of a content management system?

Is Tazuna right for you?

Depends on what you want to do with it. It is a

Good choice if

Bad choice if

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